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Hotel Trevi Collection, part of the prestigious chain of the Trevi Group of Hotels, inaugurates a new hostelry size, guiding guests to discover Rome. For those who choose the modern elegance of our hotel we reveal the most refined and exclusive face of this city: a city full of gifts to offer to those who can appreciate the most authentic beauty and indomitable character who so , For centuries, the center of the world. We will take you through the corridors of the art galleries, audiences in theaters, the tables of starred restaurants and in the private room of the most exclusive clubs. The new blog Rome seen from Trevi opens the gates of the capital, segnalandoti the must-haves that you can not miss during your stay: location, events, appointments, traditions and innovations. Be inspired by our products and our reviews, to enjoy the best of what Rome has to offer. To discover the fullness and vitality that you can find just beyond the gates of the Trevi Collection.

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Beat Generation

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  The Beat Generation show through the voices of Ottavia Bianchi, Marius and Giulia Nervi Bizau, accompanied on guitar by arrangements of Giacomo Ronconi, retrace the period between the late 50 and the 1969: the music decade … Read More

EtruSchifano. Mario Schifano at Villa Giulia: a return

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  At the National Museum of Villa Giulia in 13 December 2018 al 10 March 2019 Twenty years after the death of Mario Schifano, one of the most important exponents of contemporary art, the National Museum of Villa Giulia is dedicating an exhibition to the artist … Read More

Raphael Villa Farnesina

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  Rome holds a unique jewel in the world, Villa Farnesina in Lungara, where inside the likes of Raphael's caliber they have been able to create masterpieces such as the fresco of Galatea. Our guided tour will take you inside this historic fifteenth century residence, in … Read More

Picasso. Sculpture

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  The Hotel Trevi Collection suggests two extremely interesting exhibitions inside the enveloping green of the Villa Borghese Park Picasso. Sculpture From 24 October to 3 February at the Galleria Borghese The first exhibition in Italy dedicated to sculpture … Read More

Lateran Baptistery, model and archetype of all battisteri

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  For its spiritual significance and the historical and artistic treasures that encloses, The Lateran Baptistery - whose ancient name is San Giovanni in Fonte - constitutes one of the most significant areas of Church history. It is the first … Read More

From the otherwise Studio Theater "The Concert Demon or Liszt's Gift"

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  First date, Sunday 9 December, the cycle of shows dedicated to the great personalities of the world of the Elsewhere Theater Studio Music. On stage Concerto Fiendish, That is the gift that Liszt will see on stage the actor Riccardo Bàrbera - even … Read More