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Altan. Pimpa, Cipputi and other thinkers - Trevi Collection Hotel

Altan. Pimpa, Cipputi and other thinkers

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Altan Pimpa Cipputi and other thinkers


From 23 October 2019 al 12 January 2020 at MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts, the exhibition dedicated to designer and cartoonist Francesco Tullio Altan, able to boast a record of a few; everybody likes it, Children and adults, with his characters who inhabit the present or the possible.

The Show and characters

retrospective exhibition, Full celebrating the extraordinary creative work Altan through original designs, illustrations, spray, boards, poster, books and movies that we deliver a thinker who through the many characters has always investigated discovering the paradoxical banality and inconvenient skeletons contemporary attempts to hide.

It starts from the beginning with a Altan less known. In the first section, indeed, Altan before Altan, we will find large sheets on which the author practiced before publishing, or paintings in which the search for his own style is evident.

Then follows the section dedicated to its first character, born in 1973, Trino, which marks the beginning of his collaboration with the magazine Linus. And here it is already receiving all that would take place after, confusion and doubt that are not at all divine, but very human, because Trino, God is a self-conscious and shy, not all-powerful, and with the difficult task of creating the world, him first not to understand this fact of the "trinity". Besides, it has a very demanding asking him to do things that is not more than able to do; in one of the dialogues begins this way: "He created something?” and the response that follows is: ”No, no. I am confused since I triune ".

You then enter the heart of the exhibition comprising more than two hundred animated cartoons published in the activity ten years by his now legendary characters: Cipputi, born in 1975, the legendary metalworking communist symbol of the working class, La Luisa, the pig in suits, which represents the soft body that it always takes the blows of life, a thin undershirt mason, hat of newspaper and butt, a housewife in curlers, two children impertinent, The Cavalier Banana and the series of umbrellas, and his soft and wise women. Satire of the highest level, comprehensible to all, extraordinary and ordinary, because his characters ultimately are we.

The large central space is dedicated to his comic stories of outputs Linus and now recently republished in a new edition entitled, Men, but overtime, edited by Cocoino. There is Colombo, Franz (Saint Francis) e Casanova, that narrated by Altan I am not so extraordinary, and show his unique stylistic approach. In a recent interview explains: "My impression is that it never was a golden age. I chose those characters, because he had always impressed me the way in which we were told in school: with simplicity and clarity. Without a stain. And maybe unconsciously I wanted to give them all the dirt that had been cleansed. At their time the roads were not muddy marble ".

Finally Kamillo Kromo e The Pimp which it is another creative sphere. The character of Pimpa in particular, born thanks to her daughter Francesca, It is a world without adults, with the exception of Armando, father figure to which she recounts her adventures when the evening comes home, which represents an important and reassuring figure, He does not give orders, but knows how to listen. always Altan: "In comics and cartoons tell the world how, in children's stories as it should be ". In this section we also find original designs, games for children in an interactive space where you can interact with the planet Altan.

Organized in co-production with Foundation Solares e Franco Cosimo Panini Editore, is clean yes Anne Palopoli e Luca Raffaelli, the exhibition will propose in correlation two captive events; The 16 November pm 17 There will be a meeting between Altan e Carlo Verdelli, Director de the Republic, moderated by curator Luca Raffaelli, and the 17 November pm 11 at 13, more dedicated to children, There will be a workshop with the author who will present a story for a strip invented by visitors. Also Sunday of 1 December and 5 January will be dedicated to the game with Pimpa and her friends in the play area of ​​the exhibition.

So a rich display and stimulating where adults and children can find a space for reflection and surprise through stories and characters, "Freethinkers", that reveal something lucidly perceived but not definitely clear. Altan It helps us by showing how his creativity is always ahead of our conclusions.

Info, Timetable and prices

Altan. Pimpa, Cipputi and other thinkers

From 23 October 2019 al 12 January 2020, MAXXI Museum, Via Guido Reni, 4/A

Schedule: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday h 11-20, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday h 11-19,

Closed on Mondays and 25 December

Ticket: Adults € 12, Reduced € 9,

Reduced families (two adults and at least one child, free for under 14) € 9

The ticket office closes one hour before closing of the museum

Info: 06 3201954 (Active from Tuesday to Sunday h 10 until the closing of the Museum),

E-mail infopoint@fondazionemaxxi.it