Sergio Leone Once Upon a Time

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Sergio Leone Once Upon a Time


From 17 December 2019 al 3 May 2020 all’ Ara Pacis the exhibition that celebrates one of the greatest directors in film history. After the success of the Cinematheque Francaise Paris, it was the turn of the city of Roma to pay tribute to the extraordinary filmmaker, that in this way celebrates 30 years after his death, 30 April 1989, e i 90 years after his birth, 3 January 1929, one of his "sons" the most illustrious.


The exhibition is a proposal from the Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna that he has produced in collaboration with the Cinematheque Francaise Paris and L 'Cinecittà Light Institute. clean yes Gian Luca Farinelli, Director of the Foundation, with Rosaria Gioia e Antonio Bigini, is an engaging journey into film and art of one of the greatest interpreters, capable of making the legendary, with mythological inspirations, The story in pictures and sounds. The title, evoking his films, shows how Sergio Leone he himself has become myth. "Once upon a time ..." four simple words that can transport anyone in an unreal time yet fully defined, as they can every time the movie Leone.


The exhibition

Rich and exciting counts numerous archival materials of the Leone Family, movie stills, interviews, sketches, scenography, costumes and props, Visitors are immersed in a journey into Leone magical and extraordinary.

In the first section "Citizen of the cinema" there is a feeling of immediate universe. Photo, many, of the first set and his family have "cinematic", his father, Roberto Roberti, actor and acclaimed director of silent films, that will pay homage to the signing of "For a bunch of dollars" with the English-speaking pseudonym Bob Robertson. It will come in its library, admire the screenplay "Magnificent foreigner", who later became "For a bunch of dollars", and in his studio.


Then everything becomes a continuous stream of admiration, "The sources of the imaginary", for example, describe his inspirations. In his private collection gathered among others, Mario Sironi, Can Mario, Carlo Levi e Giorgio de Chirico, All visual artists from which he could draw some scenes of his films, as some videos proposed show, for example, gives de Chirico or even Goya e Edward Hopper. And comics and the same movies, as the famous "Seven Samurai" of Akira Kurosawa.

Among the interviews that punctuate the entire path to Ennio Morricone, perhaps, is the most intense because followed by the screening of the film sections in which there is only the music without dialogue, and the emotion comes intense, Also touching eyes piano, placed there to surprise visitors, who he was in the house Leone and which arose discussions and evidence of wonderful melodies.


And what about the space reserved for the "Laboratory Leone", where you can find the deleted scenes of the film to understand the craft and creative process.

Then the section dedicated to "Once upon a time in America", the most poignant film that probably represents the culmination of his artistic evolution. It seems that everything revived, from the Coney Island station in beautiful costumes, the props, to the set design sketches, and back scenes and unforgettable images.


And even the customs of other movies like the mythical "Poncho" of Clint Eastwood, or work items of its employees, filming movies or voiceovers with artist, and a whole parade of phrases made famous by the movie characters.

Finally, the draft never made a film about the battle of Leningrad, recounted in the section "Leningrad", e "The Legacy Leone", showing what continues to influence contemporary cinema.


In short, a must-see show full of excitement and surprises unexpected of a man of the only cinema capable of welcoming the audience with his art in his imaginary life yet closely tied to reality.

So his relationship with the seventh art: “I was born in film. My parents were working there. My life, my reading, all that concerns me has a relationship with cinema. Cinema for me is life and vice versa ".


Info, Time and Costs

Sergio Leone Once Upon a Time

From 17 December 2019 al 3 May 2020, Ara Pacis Tiber in Augusta

Schedule: Open daily h 9.30-19.30 (The ticket office closes one hour earlier), 1 closed May

Ticket: Solo exhibition Adults € 11, Reduced € 9, Card Exhibition + Museum Adults € 17 (non-residents), € 16 (residents), Reduced € 13 (non-residents), € 12 (residents)

Info: 060606 Every day h 9-19