How do moths

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Versus The company returns to Rome How do moths, unpublished text by Mauro Ascenzi interpreted by young talents Congi Paul and Paul Cutroni, for the direction of the same Ascenzi and Benedetta Cassio.
The story of a Father and a Son, Daedalus and Icarus, and a monster that no one has ever seen. Imprisoned in the labyrinth that Daedalus himself designed, the two are forced to live together which exacerbates their eternal conflict and that it exerts on the ban mechanisms that must be broken, authority which has to be overcome and the enemy to be identified: mechanisms that do not bear the emotional ties, and rites of passage who find ways to exist between the endless tunnels of a labyrinth without space or time. The two characters dissect the past in an attempt to solve a present insoluble, until the urgency of the future seems to be their only way out.
How do moths tells an eternal story, in front of which all teaching already looks worn out, corners and teaching does not leave for questions. In this sense it can be compared to the myth, whose condition of existence seems to be the immediacy of morality made from it.
The show is staged on the Italian stages 2017, when it born in a laboratory setting and has continued to grow within the company sort from professionals involved.
"A show intense, that kept the audience in suspense for over an hour. Originally the theatrical staging; […] The author has chosen to highlight the contradictions of the father-son relationship, in a continuous spill of the roles of perpetrator and victim. The show is also an original reflection on the concept of freedom; and how men, too often, unable to live with the uncertainties, preferring an oppressive cage, but in a reassuring way. "- cit.