Concerts - Celimontango

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Every Monday Jazz Village has Celimontango, Event organized by "the Prince and DJ Vargas" that will transform the space of the Villa in an authentic Milonga. "The secret of tango is at that moment of improvisation that is created between step and step.

Making the impossible possible thing: dance the silence. "tango lessons by Samantha Odd and Fina Santiago, Argentine teachers who will attend Celimontango for the duration of the Festival from June until September.

Milonga (dance evening) every Monday from 22,00 all 2,00

Organizers: Alberto Alfieri Cardia "Prince"-

Riccardo Vargetto “Vargas”-

Admission €. 10,00

Tango pre-milonga courses in Villa Celimontana on Monday from hours 20,30 – 22,00 (following hours 22,00 Milonga CELIMONTANGO)

Lez 12 € single

Lez + Milonga 20€