Women, body image and symbol of revolution

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From 23 January 2019 al 13 October 2019 at the Gallery of Modern Art exhibition that explores the female figure through the works of artists working between late nineteenth century, throughout the twentieth century to the present day. A path that winds through the various artistic currents represented and evoked the different social backgrounds. clean yes Arianna Angelelli, Federica Pirani, Gloria Raimondi, Daniela Great, promoted by Rome capital city, Department of Cultural GrowthSuperintendent Capitolina to Cultural heritage, in collaboration with Cineteca di Bologna, Istituto Luce-Cinecittà.



The exhibition

has about 100 works paintings, sculptures, graphics, photography and video, some never exhibited before.

The three rooms and multimedia areas for evidence of how the female figure is the inspirational subject privileged creativity, and how through the different interpretations has fueled the continuous change.

The Works and the contexts

Born Virgin wise and foolish virgins of Giulio Aristide Sartorio, born Sultana of Camillo Innocenti, o ne The angel of chrysanthemums of Angelo Carosi, They have represented the nuances of the woman ambivalent symbolized in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The angelic woman ethereal and spiritual and carnal provocative woman and completeness are described in the examples shown in the exhibition.

This imagery will be modified with the profound social changes that followed the end of World War I.. The social emancipation, from the previous movements of the suffragettes in Europe to significant entry into the working world, He changed the perception of the image of women in the visual arts.

Born The doubt of Giacomo Balla we find a woman who turns to look at something or someone behind him, curious and seductive gaze turns to the subject of admiration in subject mysterious and independent, neck tension, the shiny back transmit calm vigor and self-awareness.

Fascism then reaffirmed women's traditional model of the mother woman who was confirmed in many artistic expressions of time. Nevertheless on the same model, the art of the thirties and forties, It expresses deep investigation into the existential loneliness intimacy entering the home. As if to denounce the condition of women in society constriction; Reflection in the mirror of Antonietta Raphael, Maternity of Luigi Clover, Old papers of Baccio Maria Bacci O Women get naked of Can Mario are illuminating examples.

With women the vote 1946, Consequently natural after the female participation in the war of liberation, He began the path of true social emancipation. At the end of the sixties the struggle for equal rights produced deep inner change, there was more awareness of their potential in all spheres of society, including that of art. The new feminine identity is the subject of artistic research as are the examples Kiss Indelible of Tomaso Binga e L'Altra I of Giosetta Fioroni.

Video and Photography

Videoinstallazioni, photographs and films enrich exposure. Of note, the screening of the film, of Giovanna Gagliardi, Gorgeous produced by 'Istituto Luce in 2004 which tells the journey of empowerment of women in the twentieth century. Through interviews, clips from movie, folk songs and historical documents will fully understand that revolution, women have forged.

In the last section you can find documents from Archive (archives, library, Center of Documentation of women) on feminist struggles, e, Moreover, testimonies of movies and performances by some of the protagonists of that season. The considerable material comes from private collections and major museums and public institutions such as the Museo di Roma in Trastevere, the Experimental Cinematography Center – Cineteca Nazionale, the Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna Torino, the MAMbo – Museo d'Arte Moderna in Bologna, the MART – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto and l 'Archive Tullia Denza. Representing the completeness and organic nature of the topic presented there will be more cultural initiatives: from March each month will be included new works within the loop The work of the month.

Between April and October there will be a series of presentations, performance, screenings and musical evenings.

Info, Hourly and costs of the exhibition


  • From 23 January 2019 al 13 October 2019
  • Modern Art Gallery, Via Francesco Crispi 24
  • SCHEDULE: Tuesday to Sunday 10.00 – 18.30 (Admission is allowed until half an hour before closing time)
  • Ticket full 7.50 €
  • Ticket Reduced 6.50 €
  • Residents: Full ticket 6.50 €
  • Reduced Ticket 5.50 € (For holders of the MIC Card admission to the exhibition is free)