Eva vs Eva. The dual role of women in the Western

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Eva vs Eva exhibition at Villa d'Este in Tivoli


From 10 May to 1 November 2019, At Villa d'Este and the Sanctuary of Hercules Victor a Tivoli, the exhibition on the two antithetical roles, the angel of the hearth and dangerous force, to which the female figure has been limited for centuries.

clean yes Andrea Burned, Director of 'Institute Villa Adriana and Villa d'Este, Massimo Osanna, former director of the Pompeii Archaeological Park, e Daniela Porro director National Roman Museum, the exhibition is the result of scientific collaboration between the three major institutions, that, for the first time, "Together design a research activity by offering the artistic heritage as a tool for understanding the present", as stated Antonio Lampis, the general director of museums Mibac.


Born of dall'anniversario 500 years of the death of Lucrezia Borgia, mother of Ippolito d'Este, creator Villa d'Este just, woman remembered for her dual personality: by profligate tendencies and governors of large capacity. As Ms. Ferrara will be the protector of the poor and needy, and also a lover of art and culture.


Why then Eve? Lucrezia Borgia was the example from which to expand the theme of the conflict of the two characteristics by which Western culture, always, He has relegated the female figure. The story of Christian literature Eva, the first woman, created from Adam's rib, culprit for the lost paradise, Maria opposed to freeing mankind with their faith, was the most immediate association as feminine essence obvious emblem remained unchanged for so long.


To finish the movie Joseph Leo Mankiewicz of the 1954, All About Eve, timely suggestion has the most appropriate title, and most evocative in the bodywork construction.


The exhibition

Thanks to the loan of important works from museums across Italy, the rich exposure draws a consistent and exhaustive path divided into two dedicated venues, that of the main floor of the Villa d'Este and the Antiquarium of the Sanctuary of Hercules Winner. Between the two sites will trigger a dialogue contrasting colors; the reassuring figure, generating of life on the one hand and dangerous woman, the Femme fatale that escapes the male control.


A duplicity, in the narrative of the works, It is only apparent. surprising, indeed, discover the depth and versatility of female characters that the collective historical imagination has shrunk into a single role.


Starting from mother Goddess, the fourth millennium B.C.. from National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari, There are masterpieces that travel a long route up to the twentieth century, in a fascinating interplay of artifacts and enveloping, statue, frescoes, paintings, literary documents, up to videos and photographs.


The head of Sappho and the portrait of Agrippina the Younger, Poppea and a fragment of the first-century fresco d. C., Giuditta e Oloferne of Piazzetta Accademia di San Luca, the works of the Fondazione Sorgente Group with two paintings Mary Magdalene Meditating on the Crown of Thorns of the Guercino, Santa Cecilia of the Cavalier d'Arpino, the fragment of a sarcophagus with the myth of Jason and Medea, bust Julia Domna, wife of Septimius Severus, They are just some examples of the varied and challenging journey offered by the exhibition.


Also very interesting are the organized educational tours of the three institutions:


  • Passepartout, tactile visits to the exhibition Eva vs Evafor everyone, on request. For the whole duration of exposure
    Info and reservations: lucilla.dalessandro@beniculturali.it
    The visit is free, the cost of entry in accordance with the normal charging (except gratuity and legal reductions)
  • Hercules and Eve: a story told through the millennia, 16 June, 14 July, 11 August, h 11
    Path in the Sanctuary of Hercules during which, alongside the history of the site and its many changes of use, It will focus on the binding of Hercules with the feminine. Info and reservations: 0774/382733; villa.adriana@coopculture.it
    cost: € 5 in supplement to the ticket
  • Science: Plural female 9 July, h 20, meeting and debate curated by Lucha y Siesta and the collective of hypatias
    A reflection on science, Feminism and disclosure, that addresses several issues: the cognitive subject, although neutral, traditionally declined as a man, Western heterosexual; the world of disclosure and how to participate, and are seen and told women; finally, the absence of women's contribution in textbooks.
    Info: lucilla.dalessandro@beniculturali.it
    Free admission



Info, Timetable and prices

Eva vs Eva. The dual role of women in the Western
From 10 May to 1 November 2019, Villa d'Este, Tivoli (RM) Piazza Trento, 5

and the Sanctuary of Hercules Victor, Tivoli (RM) Via Settlements, 5
TIMETABLES: Tuesday-Sunday 8.30-18.45, h Monday afternoon 14-18.45

The ticket office closes half an hour before
tickets: With access to the Villa d'Este sites Adults € 13, Sanctuary of Hercules Victor € 5

subject to the gratuity of the law for entry to the monuments
Info: +39 06 399 67 900; 0774 38 27 33

Monday to Friday h 9 – 13, h 14 – 17, Saturday h 9 – 14

Sanctuary of Hercules Victor: 0774 33 03 29

Ticket office: 0774 33 29 20