Festival - Contamination 2019. XIII Edition

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At the start of the 23 al 29 September, at the Teatro India in Rome, The thirteenth edition of Contamination, The self-organized festival by students of the National Academy of Dramatic Art Silvio d'Amico.

This year the organizing committee at the center of his reflection the multiple meanings of the word "contamination", in the sense of "melt", as suggested by the image chosen for the logo: two bodies, splashes of color that starting from the same source take different roads, then a chance encounter that generates creativity.

For the third consecutive year renews the synergy between the Academy and the Teatro di Roma, In fact, for one week the spaces of the Teatro India, gravitational center for contemporary theater of the Capital, welcome 27 free events - 2 conferences and 25 shows - made by the students in collaboration with students of the Conservatory of Music Santa Cecilia, the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome and the National Academy of Dance. Every evening, starting from 17.00, the halls and the foyer of the theater will host events scheduled: protagonists are just young actors, directors and playwrights to the test with new texts and copyright.

Contamination is a festival born from the desire to make available to the Academy boys an experimental space and free artistic expression, with the aim of creating a network of production dynamics between the pupils of all the courses and of the above Academies: a collaboration that embodies the contamination seen as meeting personal and social opportunities.

The young artists of the Academy of Fine Arts, in addition to contributing to the preparations and implementation of the shows, are the curators of an exhibition - foyer of the Teatro India - where the traditional language of sculpture and painting encounter as multimedia. In the same space, National Dance Academy students bring to the stage the choreography, through a different vocabulary of the body, overcome the obstacle of communication to get direct to the public.

Even this year the network will expand beyond national borders with the participation of E:UTSA, the union of European theater schools, represented by the students of HAMU - The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

The artistic program of the festival is enriched thanks to the meetings held by the British theater director Giles Smith and film critic Steve Della Casa. The first, Shakespeare: from page to stage, it is a reflection and a demonstration on the actor's understanding and approach to the English playwright. The second meeting, Rebel with a cause: cinema and contestation, is a debate looking for suggestions and evocations to tell a country that has not yet come to terms with its distortions, inequalities, the tensions.

In a historical moment dominated by the fear of difference, Contamination is the best antidote to rejection and the theater confirms place of dialogue and integration. An experience of confrontation between cultures and ideas, from which it can only be born rich, human and spiritual.

All events are free of charge, availability until seats.

The boys of the organizing committee: Alessandra Archangels, Chiara Ferrara, Flavio D’Antoni, Philip Marone, Valentina Martone, Guido Quaglione, Sofia Russotto, Sabatino Trombetta

Illustration of Poor Clare (Academy Silvio D'Amico)

Graphic designer Francesco Morgante

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