Frank Holliday in Rome

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From 20 June to 13 October 2019, at Museo Carlo BilottiVilla Borghese's Orangery.

For the first time the works of Frank Holliday They are on display in an Italian museum institution. After more than a year after the great exhibition MoMA in New York dedicated to the art scene in the Big Apple of the seventies and eighties, in which Holliday He conquered a prominent place among artists of the value of Andy Warhol, Rome pays tribute to the great artist who reaches out to post-modernism.


Frank Holliday in Rome

The Museo Carlo Bilotti and Frank Holliday

In the park, probably, more suggestive of Rome, from 2006 the building dell'Aranciera, carefully restored, It has become a surprising treasure trove of artistic gems.

It contains important works of contemporary art, from donations to the city of Rome Collector Carlo Bilotti. Giorgio de Chirico, Giacomo Manzu e Andy Warhol They are just some examples of artists. But the museum's role is not limited to the permanence of the donated works, regularly gives always very interesting exhibits, making out even to those who attend sporadically the art world artists less known yet among the most significant of our time.


And this is the case Frank Holliday, one of the leaders of the historic artists Club 57, of the local 'East Village of New York, place of revolutionary art movements in the late seventies and early eighties, and that in 1980 He sees his artistic debut. The double staff New Paintings by Keith Haring and Frank Holliday, He establishes a friendship between the two artists and a shared approach to art that is able to look to the past to start a continuous regeneration process. The belief is that the end of each cycle contains the seed for a new beginning.


Frank Holliday, The exhibition in Rome

Relationship with the past Holliday He has always maintained very close throughout his career, but without claiming to want to regenerate. As the curator Cesare Biasini Selvaggi: “In his way of relating to the history of art (Caravaggio, Titian, Tiepolo, Manet, Van Gogh, Rembrandt etc.) Holliday never intended to reinvent the great masters of the past, or to mix the styles of the historical avant-garde in a visual pastiche of new formulations in the name of "eternal return", nor to load the work of meanings that LINKING reading. leaving, instead, that his works were open to different interpretations.

The 36 works present perfectly represent his creative orientation. made in 2016 During his stay in Rome he described as monastic. From his studio in Vicolo del Leonetto, close Piazza Navona, during breaks visited the works of the masters of art history and especially you entertained at a particularly exciting place for him, the Cappella Cottarelli, where he abandoned himself to the charm and enchantment of Caravaggio of the pictorial cycle of St. Matthew, Then he returned to his study and began again to paint.

He claims Holliday: "Many of my paintings relate to the emotions, but above all the sense of not understanding exactly what the emotion, not knowing and the fear that this generates. Looking meanings. I always slip through the images and metaphors, working in series, doing work bodies. When I find what I need, I stop. I am looking for something else ...… Everything comes from exploration. "

And perhaps this is also the way to get in touch with his works, be guided by instinct, search for, move on, stopping in front of a painting that hits you and then, maybe, go back and grasp something that we missed.

The huge paintings along with those of smaller brimming with colors have the most intense evocation strength, there are no symbols which create interpretive constraints, the intangible, But, It is offered in picture. The study of the Italian masters made him discover paradise, we can only imagine, earth and hell, and the man is among the latter two, pulled down hell from which tries to rise through the spiritual content of the earth.


The exhibition promoted by Rome capital city, Department of Cultural Growth – Capitolina Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, with the sponsorship of’Embassy AMericana, also presents the projection of the new film "Roman Holliday" of Amney Bonney, very interesting and useful to deepen a figure absolutely

relevant in the current art scene.


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Frank Holliday in Rome

From 20 June to 13 October 2019, Museo Carlo Bilotti Villa Borghese's Orangery,

Viale dell'Aranciera 4

Schedule: Tuesday to Friday h 13-19 (entry until 18.30);

Saturday and Sunday h 10-19 (entry until 18.30). Monday closed

Tickets: Free admission to the exhibition and the museum

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