Gianni Berengo Gardin. Roma

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Gianni Berengo Gardin Rome

From 28 September 2019 al 12 January 2020, the Casale Santa Maria Nova, in the heart of the Archeological Appian Park, will host the exhibition dedicated to the great Italian photographer known as one of the most important exponents of this art at an international level.

It is a charming building of the early twentieth century in the Villa dei Quintili, the largest residential complex on the outskirts of ancient Rome, to host the largest exhibition exclusively dedicated to the city of Rome by Gianni Berengo Gardin.

The exhibition

75 images, of which some unpublished, and representing a real discovery of how much attention Berengo Gardin He has dedicated over the years to the capital of Italy. By custom we tend to associate its name to the city of Venice, to which he devoted attention visceral, and here we discover how much inspiration Rome has aroused in his very long activity. Indeed Berengo Gardin photographs the Eternal City on several occasions since the second World War to the present day, It is a constant return, It seems a real nostos, as it was regularly invoked in a symbolic journey of knowledge and research tension. In the shots emerge strongly ability to grasp the changes and all the contradictions of a unique city that reveals what surely charm've had and what has influenced his artistic production. It turns out an intense fresco and without filters, the concreteness of images adds to the density of details never caught in a banal, the gestures and glances speak, show, live in raised evocations.

In the simple everyday, Berengo Gardin, captures the stories, and perfect geometries conjugated emotion of chiaroscuro, incisively they can tell that bonhomie amused and amusing fatalistic, that sometimes can become blunt cynicism.

A trip, we said, full of emotion between the sums beauty of historical monuments, seemingly irreconcilable contrasts of the suburbs and intensity collected from the people, as a seductive fruit to know and understand, without judgment or veils.

Along the exhibition we are witnessing the gradual composition of a history of the city as one big mosaic made by minimal fuss cards, which tells passionately the flow of life unraveling the continuous evolution of the company.

Gianni Berengo Gardin

The attention and sensitivity given to the social sphere, taking as an example the commitment of the great photographers Life e Magnum, He has always been its artistic figure, although he always wanted to keep the approach to the story through the eyes of a craftsman. Show from the beginning of his career, his first pictures of 1954 per the world of Mario Pannunzio, a precise determination of documentation. He describes especially Italy and is able to display it fully in its varied aspects; in its cultural and social ripples in its declinations. In 1962 began career as a photojournalist, then collaborate with the biggest national and international newspapers, gives Epoca a L'Espresso, gives Le Figaro al Time.

The many photo books, publishes over 250, They represent the substantial body of its production, which determines the entire creative path, is in fact her first book Venis Seasons that makes him known and opens the door decisive for its future activities. He has exhibited his photos in over 200 exhibitions around the world, in 1994 his photographs have been included in the exhibition that the Guggenheim in New York He has dedicated to Italian.

"I work for the store, to hand down to posterity certain traditions, certain landscapes, certain architectures that disappear " , so he says Gianni Berengo Gardin responding to a question about why his business, a simple and sober answer , deep inside, He reveals a man and an artist-craftsman of great finesse and Availability able to understand and to disclose.

An exhibition of high human profile by eyes who always know how to surprise.

Info,Timetable and prices

Gianni Berengo Gardin. Roma

From 28 September 2019 al 12 January 2020, Casale Santa Maria Nova, Via Appia Antica 251

Schedule: From 28 al 30 September h 9-19, dall’ 1 al 26 October h 9-18.30, from 27 October h 9-16.30,

closed 25 December and 1 January, last admission one hour before closing.

Free entry

Info: +39 06 71289042 (only during opening hours),