Lucio Fontana. Earth and gold

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Lucio Fontana exhibition in Rome


From 22 May al 28 July At Borghese Gallery once again the site of a confrontation between a master of the art of the twentieth century and the Renaissance and Baroque works present.

Fifty works mainly in the decade from 1958 al 1968, who collect a project aimed specifically at the production of Spatial Concepts in gold and ceramic crucifixions, where Lucio Fontana continued his search of the overcoming of matter.

The Gallery Museum as dialogue

The director of Borghese Gallery, Anna cage curator of the exhibition, He goes well on its way to make the museum a place more and more determined to meet contemporary art and to experience amazing artistic dialogues.

The same states that Coliva "An exhibition of Fontana think is the best act that can make people understand the nature of the Galleria Borghese which environment dedicated to collect the variety of myths representation through images. Only by including the radical destruction of the fiction of representational art by Fontana we can show that each previous work involved a construction of artificial space and illusory ". So the exhibits also to stimulate food for thought and debate.

The presence of the works of Fontana in one of the most important collections in the world, for some, the most important of all, creates a continuous confrontation with the Renaissance and Baroque works to be discovered. The deliberate attention to his works in gold, This on stucco moldings and on the exhibition spaces, It makes direct dialogue on the matter. There is overcome in considering the gold no longer as color to enhance the baroque ornament, but as a form that in its material includes the light itself. And 'the resumption of the concept of synthesis of light and space present in classical antiquity until the Renaissance. At the same time the gold as a raw material derived from mixing with the mud, explaining the ceramic production that comes from the mud of the earth.


Earth and gold

The exhibition unfolds between the two rooms of the sculptures and six paintings gallery. The suggestion is strong in seeing the works of Fontana in what context stimulated by almost come alive ' sacred and profane love of Titian, the Madonna grooms of Caravaggio one to Deposition of Raffaello. Probably the ideal place to study the problem of figurative, which is the space, undertaken by Fontana, can find most echo of expression. In the gallery space where all forms are represented. So the harlequin concrete and plastic polychrome mosaic and light appears to be admired by Marcus Curtius of Bernini, it's still Proserpina holes in the company and graffiti on a copper spatial Concept, It convinces in the harmonious juxtaposition surpassing the time.

You get upstairs with thirty works that present more specifically address the production of Fontana. Yet spatial Concepts Oil and acrylic, colored stones, gold and sequins that flank the Sibilla Cumana of the Domenichino o al Moses Breaking the Tablets of the Law of Guido Reni, coloring the visit of an amazing performance. As the amazement in front of the glass case one of the finest works in: the Venice Spatial Concept was all gold, coming from Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid National.

Lucio Fontana He has never enjoyed special attention to Roma, the last exhibition in the city dates back to the far 1998, and with this exposure, Finally, He recognizes the creativity of a brilliant teacher who had this to say about his artistic research: "The formula is this: I hole, passes the infinite there, light passes, there is no need to paint. Everyone thought that I wanted to destroy it is not true, but I have built. This gives rise to the Concepts, the canvas on which the fact of mind again, intuition becomes precisely the concept ".


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Lucio Fontana. Earth and gold

From 22 May al 28 July

Borghese Gallery Piazzale Scipione Borghese, 5

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