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Exhibition on Robert Morris in Rome | Trevi Collection Hotel

monument. Robert Morris 2015 – 2018

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monument. Robert Morris 2015 – 2018


From 15 October to 12 January 2020 at the National Gallery of Modern Art. After about 40 years after the first exhibition Rome returns to celebrate Robert Morris, considered the master of American Minimalism and able to feed their art through continuous research into ever new areas of expression.

The project

The exhibition created in collaboration with the Castelli Gallery in New York is clean yes Saretto Cincinelli He is the first dedicated to the artist who died in November last year. The peculiarity of the exhibition project is given by the fact that it is realized on the basis of a collaboration with the same Morris. The proposal was to bring Italy in his latest releases ever sculptural series from the United States trying to present them in a single space, so as to experience an installation unpublished. Having received the plants of the gallery and photos of the environment Morris He gave his contribution in indicating the exposure scheme which can be admired.

He says the exhibition's curator Saretto Cincinelli: The exhibition stems from the desire to widen the meshes of some interpretations of the work of Morris, which tend to place the figure of the artist under the prestigious but reductive label master of minimalism and post-minimalism, a correct interpretation but unable to make the justice systems of his research ".

So the will, especially after his disappearance, not easy to dedicate a retrospective, but a passionate tribute to an important artist for the history of contemporary art always in tension for new projects wrapped up by the awareness of the universality of art of its unlimited magic.

The exhibition

The 38 figures originate from two recent exposures made at the Castelli Gallery in New York: MOLTINGSEXOSKELETONSSHROUDS del 2015 and the Boustrophedons 2017. In the first series the sculptures are made of Belgian linen cloth dipped in a bath of transparent epoxy resin, the second set is made of carbon fiber. Morris's interest in the work of artists of the past and the investigation of various aspects of the human figure emerge in a very explicit. References to Francisco Goya with shapes that float restless or conical hats that evoke the Inquisition victims, a Andrea Mantegna with representations of the dead bodies, or work in carbon fiber black “Dark Passage” that leads back to "The Burghers of Calais" of Auguste Rodin, are substantial examples of its continuous sweep the entire artistic universe, that marks, in its last phase, the greater interest in allegorical elements almost rid of some abstractions American avant.

The immersive experience when it comes into contact with the art of Morris It seems natural, and surprisingly, the clear description of the time-instant, which due to its sensitivity we can grasp as a decisive. The human figure only suggested by the draping of garments and drapes that evoke Bernini, stresses at the same time creates an absence and a comparison between empty and full tumultuous. The work of art almost grabs the viewer causing strong feelings and stimulating varying moods.

Suspended in a vacuum, deposited in the floor or seats on the walls sculptural groups still delineate the close relationship between art object, space and the beholder investigated and highlighted by Robert Morris already it features minimalist works.

It is present over the two groups sculptural work Untitled of the 1976, the only one not part of the original project of Morris, and inserted into a symbol of the museum halls housing the works, among others, Klein, Mondrian e Canova. A large felt as an act of silent salute to the great artist.

Info,Timetable and prices

monument. Robert Morris 2015 – 2018

From 14 October to 26 January 2020, the National Gallery of Modern Art Via delle Belle Arti 131

Schedule: From Tuesday to Sunday h 8.30-19.30. Closed Monday

Ticket: Adults € 10, Reduced € 5. 1 e 8 December 2019 free entry.

Info: +39 06 32298221, +39 06 32298225 Tuesday to Sunday h 8.30-19.30