Trade shows and exhibitions Summer 2018: Roma history, art, in photography

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Trevi collection hotel - roma history of art photography Summer Exhibition

In the collective imagination of some tourists not navigated, the summer is not made for museums and exhibitions but only for long walks in the sun. The warm temperatures outdoors invite us, the discovery of sites and archaeological excavations, armed only with sunglasses, fans and straw hats. However, experienced travelers know the importance of managing their energy and beauty to take advantage of the museum spaces, just when the flow of visitors decreases and few shows you can appreciate with more confidence.

This is the case of summer exhibitions that Hotel Trevi Collection wants to point out to guests and citizens: exhibitions of great interest that this summer are a window of visibility remained closed for the rest of the year. The invitation is to enjoy a respite from your hectic explore Rome, relax, let cool from the air conditioning and indulge in a "different" summer treat.

This is the Roman summer art exhibitions. A selection of events with a specific focus on archeology, art and history exquisitely Italian, discovering the charm and culture Capitoline away from the main stream itineraries.

The Rome of the Kings

It opens July prossimo27, the Capitoline Museums, The Rome of the King - The story of archeology. The exhibition reveals artifacts and exhibits of the first and oldest Roman times, shown for the first time to the public in the Palazzo Caffarelli. A route that reconstructs the costumes, the features and the social structure of Rome in its infancy, as well as the cultural elements and signs of the influence of several different peoples came into contact with the young city.

And tell me you do not want to die: the myth of Niobe

For those who do not know the beauty, the archaeological sites of Tivoli, just outside Rome, certainly worth a visit. The majestic beauty of the famous Villa d'Este and Villa Adriana, themselves constitute a valid reason to venture outside the historic center of the capital. More, from 7 July (and only until 23 September), the Sanctuary of Hercules Victor ospiterè a sculptural group of Niobe (children / and Niobe). the statue, found in 2012 and subjected to a long and laborious process of restoration, They are on display along with a selection of other masterpieces from every era, from the Renaissance to the twentieth century, inspired by the story of Niobe. An exhibition on the legend through different art forms and raw materials, the marble of the clay sculptures of red-figure vases. A fascinating incentive to venture beyond the walls of Rome and discover the treasures that dot the periphery.

Walls – The walls of Rome

Walls The Walls of Rome JemoloJust the walls of Rome are the thematic focus of another fascinating exhibition. which opened the 20 last June and open to the public until 9 September, Walls - The walls of Rome, It collects at the Ara Pacis Museum 77 color photographs of the Roman photographer Andrea Jemolo. Protagonist of the shots, precisely, the walls of Aurelian wall that crowns the city. The photos show a changing subject, despite its everlasting solidity: bastions which tell different eras and building techniques, that merge organically with the city or that stand imperious on roads and parks. A commission this work, which it is offered as photographic story, the Capitolina Superintendence of Cultural Heritage of Rome Capital, who has decided to include and also authorize shooting in points and views not accessible to the public.

Canaletto 1697 – 1768

Last days (until the 19 August) to admire, at the Museum of Rome in Piazza Navona, a selection of works by Canaletto. The exhibition celebrates the 250th anniversary of the death of the famous Venetian view painter and collects works from museums and collections around the world. Alongside the paintings it is also exposed the manuscript of the State Library of Lucca, illustrating circumstances of commission and realization of the paintings. Because of its central position, this exhibition is offered as a welcome break during a walk in the heart of the city. Not to be missed.

Rome modern city. From Nathan to sixty

To close this overview of museum events of the summer, This collection of 180 works from the contemporary art collection of the city, presented at the Galleria d'Arte Moderna di Roma Capitale. Paintings, sculptures, graphics and photographs that trace the history of artistic currents of Rome, the early 900 until the years of the great social and cultural upheavals culminating in the sixty-generational revolution. The process of the exhibition takes so immerse the works because visitors on a precise path of cultural evolution recognizing in Rome a major international cultural centers of the twentieth century.