Christmas at the Temple of Rome

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Christmas at the Temple of Rome


The "Visitor Center" the street of Rome Settebagni Temple n. 354 – 376, houses for the entire month of December, a series of events Christmas in a pleasant frame, with angles by colorful floral displays and a thousand lights that recall the sweet Christmas atmosphere of all the squares in the world.


1)- In place until the 22 December is facing a Nativity scenes from International Show 20 countries of the world. The theme of the exhibition is "the Light of the World"; the light emanating from the child Jesus that brings hope to the world, as it interpreted in the cribs of some nations of the world.

Singular presence is given by two cribs Neapolitan School of classical and neoclassical order 800, produced by the Neapolitan Ernesto De Simone. Inspired by the environment of the Neapolitan alleys, in them the constructive precious blends with images of real life of the Neapolitan streets with the casket of San Gennaro and the Pulcinella of the lottery outlets.

2)- Saturday 7 December at 16,00 will be on display n. 6 tall Christmas trees 2 meters and 40, illuminated with thousands of lights and decorated with different themes such as music, the family, young people.

3)- Saturday 14 December at 18,00 There will be a Christmas Concert with choirs and soloists on the elements of Christmas themes.

4)- From Sunday 15 see you on Sunday 22 December at 11,30 – 15,00 – 20,00 They will alternate in musical performances talented musicians, choirs and soloists of classical and popular Christmas themes.

5)- Sunday 22 at 18,00 There will be a special concert on the story of Jesus, with 10 soloists telling us of his birth but also the episodes of his life that show his divine mission on earth.

Free parking and free admission