Night of the Shooting Stars at the Roman Forum

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Night shooting stars in the Forum

When the moon is reflected in the Roman Forum, its ruins become a unique setting in the Night of the Shooting Stars!
The archaeological site from the heights overlooking the Capitol becomes, on summer evenings, an incredible experience.
The evening walk will start from the foot of the Capitol, where you will see the remains of Roman insula (Ancient Residential condos) that came up to 5 storeys high, and then going up to the Piazza del Campidoglio you will discover all the secrets of the most important hill of Rome, made even more fascinating, with the addition in 1500 the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius, true bronze masterpiece survived until today.

Then we shall face on the terrace overlooking the Roman Forum, skillfully illuminated, where learning about its history and that of the famous triumphal ceremonies that took place inside.
It will continue the pleasant stroll along the Fori Imperiali that have marked the course of Roman history, configured as a succession of magnificent monumental squares. We will end under Trajan's column that with his height 35 m still stained the monument most famous of antiquity.

Meeting at 21.00 at the foot of the Capitol Steps next to the Egyptian lions on Via del Teatro di Marcello. Look for purple Flag Logo Roma Caput Tour, 10 minutes of waiting for the registration of participants.
The visit will take place entirely outdoors, a visit to the monuments is meant only from the outside.

Duration of Guided Tour 2 hours (It hikes from the Capitol to the Trajan's Column)

Cost guided tour € 10.00 (adults)‚ € 5.00 (children up to 13 years),
Rental earphones € 2.00 (in the presence of more than 30 participants)

Reservations required in writing or by sending a text message to the 0039 333 4854287 Title specifying the visit, Name, Surname, Phone number, Number of person, email reference.
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