The miser

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"The Miser" by Moliere in the translation, reduction and director on 2 acts of Fabio Gravina
"The Miser" is a comedy drama in five acts written and performed by Molière in Paris at the Palais-Royal 9 September 1668 and then it was published in 1669. It is inspired by Plautus all'Aulularia, both in some of the most important mechanisms of the plot, both for the psychological characterization miser. Harpagon, the old hero, is nothing short hated by his two sons, Cleanthes and Elisa. Cleantes hates him because Harpagon wants to marry the young and poor Marianna he secretly loves; Elisa, instead, She hates him because he wants to marry her elder Mr. Anselmo ,who is willing to take it without any dowry. Cleante ,steals the tape where the snappier Harpagon keeps all his possessions, thinking of using it as a bargaining chip with his father for Marianna. Mastro Simone, archenemy Valerio ,He is accusing the latter of stealing the cassette. All her placed with the arrival of the wealthy Anselmo, rather than formally request the hand of Elisa, He recognizes the beautiful Marianna nell'intendente Valerio and his children, who believed long dead in a shipwreck. Convolate lawful marriage the two pairs, Harpagon recover its coveted and adored treasure. In this Moliere comedy masterfully he manages to ridicule the extreme greed and lack of old Harpagon feelings dramatically making love.

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