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Show of Luigi Valadier in Rome | Trevi Collection Hotel

Valadier. Splendor in the eighteenth century Rome.

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Valadier Splendor in the eighteenth century Rome


From 30 October 2019 al 2 February 2020 at the Borghese Gallery a major exhibition dedicated to Luigi Valadier, father of the famous architect Giuseppe, multifaceted figure among the most well-known and popular artists of his era, big and important interpreter of renewed artistic taste that imposed itself in the second half of the eighteenth century.

Luigi Valadier

Goldsmith, decorator, architect, founder, begins his luck once in 1759, year in which he detects the workshop of his father Andrea, a French silversmith who had settled in Rome decades before. They belong to that year the first work performed for Borghese, The family chapel of Santa Maria Maggiore and that of SS Sacramento in Laterano, beginning a long series of commissions that will last a lifetime.

As recalled by the exhibition's curator and director of the Galleria Borghese: "The report starts by Camillo, Prince Borghese, and he continues with his son Marcantonio IV, the most generous patron of Rome in the eighteenth century. Valadier He will work for Marcantonio to the year of his death, and will he united by destiny bleak. Valadier commits suicide in 1785, victim of an economic meltdown. ….. Marcantonio his part, He went to meet severe depression ........ The economic difficulties of Borghese They culminated with the need to merge the finest tableware, consisting of hundreds of serving dishes, raised, terrine, whose Valadier He worked for over twenty years. Only seven pieces of the still existing, and we have showcased six, from private collections. "

The privileged partnership with the Borghese family did not prevent Valadier to engage in an intense activity parallel daughter of numerous other requests. His workshop in Via del Baboon became one of the most visited places by real, collectors, diplomats and antique dealers, witnessing the huge success especially as a goldsmith and silversmith and the great international scope which had its creativity, as the exhibition testifies with numerous examples.

The exhibition

Circa 90 works as a complete documentation of the skill and the technical expertise of which Valadier it was equipped. The exhibition is enriched by the great opportunity to see these works in the evocative space of Borghese Gallery, place, that collects sculptors, painters and craftsmen, strongly backed by Marcantonio Borghese in his intention of renewal following the artistic feeling of the time that Valadier It is the most authoritative protagonist.

Testimonials are The Herm of Bacchus or the pair of dodecagonal tables, kept in the Villa. They are then important loans like Monumental silver lamps of the Sanctuary of Santiago de Compostela and the St. John Baptist from Baptistery San Giovanni in Fonte at the Lateran for the first time accessible to the outside from their original contexts. Even the silver gilt sculptures of the Cathedral of Monreale, from Louvre large bronze reproductions of antique statues made for kings and princes of Europe, and in a smaller size as the Venus Callipigia performed for the Mahal Barry. From Museo di Capodimonte reconstruction Temple of Isis in Pompeii per Maria Carolina d’Austria, Queen of Naples, and the wonderful support of Cameo of Augustus, built on commission Pio VI for the Sacred and Profane Museum Vatican, and then the beautiful Desert how's that, directly from St.Pietroburgo, commissioned by Bailiff Breteuil and then sold Catherine II of Russia.

An exhibition rich that also makes use of a section entirely dedicated to drawings, important to understand the creative process Valadier and understand the articulated activities. Especially interesting are the drawings that represent lost works. Support is stimulating multimedia totems, dedicated to places of Luigi Valadier in Rome that lead the visitor, once completed the exhibition, to go out in search of the churches, palaces and various sites, to his home, to get more in touch with his life and his artistic production that Rome was able to invade Europe.


Info, Timetable and prices

Valadier. Splendor in the eighteenth century Rome.

From 30 October 2019 al 2 February 2020 at the Borghese Gallery Piazzale Scipione Borghese 5

Reservations required

Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday h 9-19, Last logged h 17. Monday closed

Until the end of December the turn special entrance Friday until h 22, on Saturdays until h 23

Ticket: Adults € 20, Reduced € 9

Info:+39 06 8413979, reservation number +39 06 32810 Monday to Friday h 9-18, Saturday h 9-13

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